Short Chaps

Shortchaps with a completely new design where the zipper is curved on the outside, which makes it easy to put on and also creates the conditions for the best possible fit. All short chaps have wide elastics at the front and elastics under the foot. Fits NICE RIDE's new jodhpurs and other jodhpurs.

Note: Keep in mind that the foot should not be pushed into the elastic under the foot. Instead you take the elastic under the foot, from behind.

10: Elastic front for better comfort
11: Curved zipper for better fit
12: Reinforced strap
13: Reinforcement on the inside

- Outer fabric in durable and water-repellent mesh and inner lining in mesh.
- Foam rubber spacers with high density.
- Zipper YKK 8 mm.
- Reinforcements in synthetic leather around the zipper (inside) and at the back.

Size Chart for Short Chaps

Measured sitting
A Height, measure from the floor and up to the outside of the knee
B Calf, measure around the widest part of the calf. Over both socks and breeches

The length is adjustable 1 cm up and down.

A LengthB Calf width
8-10 year2430.5
11 - 13 year 27 32,5
XS 34 33
S 35 35
M 36 37
MW 35 39
L 37 39,5
LW 36 41,9
XL 38 42,5